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Sadra Negin Pasargad Company

Sadra Negin Pasargad Company commenced its activity concerning the production of preforms and PET bottles to present to various dairy, beverage, packaging and other relevant industries under the brand name ofSepid Naghsh Isfahan in 2004 with the slogan of Industry, Innovation, and Progress. In order to enter international markets and expand its scope of sales, it brought about a fundamental change in the quality and variety of its products in 2013 under the new brand name of Sadra Negin Pasargad through different measures, including the creation of fundamental changes in its executive and organizational management, investment in Shokohiyeh Industrial Town of Qom, and the purchase of advanced and high-speed machinery and peripheral equipment via the use of up-to-date molds proportional to the production process. It continued its progress in 2020 by inaugurating its new development plan. As the products of this company found a good position among the high-quality domestic products, the way was paved for gaining customer trust, and fortunately, many consumers of these products have proven loyal to the company so far. Appropriate and directional investment, timely delivery of orders, highly competitive quality and price, high variety of products with openings of 28 to 120, accepting various injection and blow orders in relation to PET, and cooperation with the top domestic and foreign factories are among the main reliable advantages of this company.